isaster struck this afternoon when a truck carrying builders’ rubble lost its brakes while coming down Kloof Nek road, destroying 5 cars along the way.

Community Medics were alerted to the collision by the all-seeing Tamboerskloof Neighbourhood Watch (TBKWatch). When Community Medics arrived on scene, they were met with the wreckage of an overturned truck on the side of the road and the twisted metal of once cars, lining the street.

It’s a wonder that only one person was injured in the pile up, a testimony to the quick reactions of the truck driver and his attempts at slowing down using unoccupied cars along the side.

The last time we had such an accident along Kloof Nek road was August of 2005, when a bus, having lost its brakes as well, crashed killing 4 children.

As always, the quick reactions and safety of all on scene was only thanks to the teamwork of all those services on scene, namely; TBKWatch, Life Healthcare EMS, ER24, City of Cape Town Fire Department, South African Police Service (SAPS) and Cape Town Traffic.

SAPS forensics investigators were on scene for further investigation.

Source: Community Medics