Four Tamboerskloof arrests

Four suspects have been arrested in and around the suburb of Tamboerskloof in recent days, following separate incidents of alleged theft from motor vehicles.

TamboerskloofIn the first incident (on 15 May 2018), a patrolling Fidelity ADT armed response officer received a call from WatchCom about suspicious activity in Bella Ombre Road.

“When our officer arrived in the street to look for the two suspects he noticed a silver Tazz, who attempted to make a U-turn to avoid our officer. With the help of the SAPS, he managed to prevent this vehicle from getting away. The vehicle’s two occupants were apprehended,” says Jade Hanning, district manager (Cape Town South) for Fidelity ADT.

Video material provided by WatchCom later showed evidence of the suspects trying to break into cars parked in Tamboerskloof. They were taken into custody by Cape Town SAPS on a charge of theft from motor vehicle.

Fidelity ADT and the WatchCom team were again called into action a few days later (on 20 May 2018) when reports were received of suspicious activity in Military Road. A suspect was apprehended by Fidelity ADT, and handed over into police custody in connection with theft from a Toyota Yaris parked in Military Road.

But the story does not end there, explains Hanning.

“We were again alerted to suspicious activity in Tamboerskloof that next day, on the 21st of May. According to a client, an unidentified man was noticed lurking around his parked vehicle in Hastings Road,” says Hanning.

When the armed response officer from Fidelity ADT arrived in the street, he found the suspect inside the parked vehicle pretending to be asleep. He was searched and found to have several items in his possession which appeared to have been stolen.

“This suspect was also handed over into police custody on a charge of theft from a motor vehicle,” says Hanning.

“I must pay tribute to our colleagues in the SAPS and our security partners such as WatchCom. It is team effort that led to these arrests, and I again urge the residents of Tamboerskloof to keep the contact details for Cape Town SAPS, local neighbourhood watch members and private security companies on speed dial. Don’t leave any valuable items in your car at night, and raise the alarm immediately if you see any suspicious activity in the area.”

Source: ShowMe


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