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Radio Network
The 2-Way radio system is the glue that keeps the Neighbourhood Watch together. TBKWATCH has installed a complete 2-Way Radio communication system in Tamboerskloof.

The radios use a dedicated, ICASA assigned, frequency to communicate with all TBKWATCH members, City Improvement District mobile units, all SAPS vehicles patrolling the TBK area and our TBKWATCH WatchCom situated within the SAPS Cape Town Central Operations center.

The take up of radios has been very strong amongst TBK residents and has allowed us to double our 1 year target within the first 8 months of operation. We are well advanced in establishing extensive coverage across all 5 TBK sectors. Communication on the dedicated TBKWATCH frequency has proved an invaluable tool in the prevention of crime and apprehension of criminals.

Should you wish to acquire a 2-Way radio, please complete the Radio Request Form below

The issuance of a TBKWATCH radio is subject to approval of the TBKWATCH exco to ensure the integrity of the radio network.


Please complete all fields on the Radio Request Form. We will process your application and send you detailed information on the TBKWatch Radio Network and the process to follow. As always, all information provided by yourself remains strictly confidential.

We require the following information:

Zone (See map if you are not sure)      
Name   Phone (H)
Surname   Phone (W)
ID Number   Cell Phone
Address   Fax

Yes, I have previously submitted my personal details on the membership page. If not, please do so prior to requesting membership of the TBKWatch radio network.


A Tamboerskloof Community Project in partnership with the SAPS and the Community Policing Forum

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