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As a result of the considerable increase in crime affecting our neighbourhood, a group of dedicated long term residents have spent the last few months devising an appropriate response. We have modelled our strategy on the very successful Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch initiative established in 2005, and discussions with various stakeholders.

In consultation with the South African Police (SAPS), private security companies and our own understanding of the area we have demarcated Tamboerskloof into five Zones and appointed 2 dedicated coordinators for each Zone to make management more effective.

The primary objective of the Tamboerskloof Neighbourhood Watch (TBKWATCH) is to substantially reduce rampant crime in our area, provide for an effective and immediate response to criminal activity and promote frequent and up to date communication between the Tamboerskloof resident community.

We aim to achieve this by introducing:
  • Community neighbourhood patrols

  • Two way radio communication network that allows direct and immediate radio access to all other TBKWATCH members, police, armed response companies and fire services.

  • A platform for effective communication between members of TBKWATCH

  • Collation of data on criminal activity from primary (victims) and secondary (police and armed response companies) sources by type, time and frequency allowing us to identify crime hotspots, trends and escape routes, and communicate this to TBKWATCH members.

  • A “specialised skills” database primarily focusing on areas relating to
    1. Safety and security
    2. Medical / paramedical skills
    3. Fire and general disaster management
    4. Legal

If you are a resident: home or flat owner, tenant, retiree, work from home, housewife/man, dog walker and are interested in improving safety in this area, your involvement will be most welcome.

You are a resident of one of the 5 demarcated sectors. Please check the Tamboerskloof map to see what sector you fall into. If you are uncertain of your sector, please do not hesitate to contact any of the coordinators .Telephone contact details of the various sector coordinators are contained on the site. Should you fax or email us, we will reply as soon as possible.

TBKWATCH is entirely voluntary and at no cost. The effectiveness of this initiative is dependent on the participation of Tamboerskloof residents. Please join us in making TBKWATCH work and Tamboerskloof safe. Speak to friends, neighbours and colleagues and convince them to sign up.

A Tamboerskloof Community Project in partnership with the SAPS and the Community Policing Forum

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