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Reported Incidents        

Type of IncidentRoadNameDateTimeWeather
Theft out of a Motor VehicleGilmour Hill2017/07/2524:00 - 01:00
TrespassingCarisbrook2017/07/2024:00 - 01:00Rainy
Robbery (Contact Crime or Mugging)Military2017/07/1919:00 - 20:00
Theft out of a Motor VehicleHildene2017/07/1702:00 - 03:00Clear
Suspected Illegal Activities at Premises (Drugs, Stolen Goods, Prostitution)Brownlow2017/07/1317:00 - 18:00
Theft out of a Motor VehicleMilitary2017/07/1223:00 - 24:00
Theft out of a Motor VehicleTamboerskloof2017/07/1023:00 - 24:00Clear
House BreakingBelle Ombre2017/07/0824:00 - 01:00Rainy
Theft out of a Motor VehicleLeeuwenvoet2017/07/0206:00 - 07:00
Theft out of a Motor VehicleLeeuwenvoet2017/07/0204:00 - 05:00
Vandalism / Fire / Disturbing the Peace / Drunk and Disorderly etcCarisbrook2017/07/0103:00 - 04:00
TrespassingBelle Ombre2017/06/3008:00 - 09:00
House BreakingKloof Ave2017/06/3014:00 - 15:00
Theft out of a Motor VehiclePoyser2017/06/2904:00 - 05:00
Theft out of a Motor VehicleBrownlow2017/06/2905:00 - 06:00

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