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Tamboerskloof Neighbourhood Watch (TBKWATCH) was formed by a group of concerned residents, in response to a substantial increase in crime and in the interest of a safer neighbourhood. TBKWATCH exco members have invested substantial resources effort, time and money to get the Watch established and keep it operational.

TBKWATCH sector leaders and other generous residents have invested substantial amounts in a highly effective 2-Way radio system. The network links residents and all SAPS and Oranje Kloof City Improvement District (OK CID) patrol vehicles and allows direct and immediate communication with key stakeholders in the fight against crime. We continue to expand the network to ensure full coverage and effective response.

In addition, we have joined up with G4 Securicor to operate 24 hour a day surveillance of the dedicated TBKWATCH channel. This will allow for immediate and coordinated deployment of resources in the event of a crime occurring.

Further, we have developed the TBKWATCH website, to inform all residents and other interested parties of the role of TBKWATCH and to capture all incidents of crime occurring in Tamboerskloof. Selective data is published on the website.

Given the size of the neighbourhood watch, we are currently in the process of finding an administrator / manager.

The Tamboerskloof Neighbourhood Watch (TBKWATCH) is a community initiative formed in the interest of all of Tamboerskloof and relies entirely on the active participation of all residents

In order to cover the operational requirements of TBKWATCH, please support this initiative financially. Should you so wish, you will receive positive publicity within Tamboerskloof and all external parties we are dealing with.

All financial contributions are greatly appreciated.

The banking details are as follows

Branch: Standard Bank Thibault Square
Branch Code: 020909
Account Name: TBKWATCH
Account #: 07-441-411-9

Many thanks


A Tamboerskloof Community Project in partnership with the SAPS and the Community Policing Forum

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